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Grow Definition of Grow by Merriam-Webster.
CBS News, What" it's' like for one teacher who already carries a gun, 22 Feb. Social media has also taken on a negative tone after growing harassment problems and Russia's' manipulation of platforms began to drown out thoughtful dialogue and genuine interaction.
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growing English-Spanish Dictionary
but thats that's' all part of growing up. Continue to nurture students growing mastery of whole numbers. Days growing shorter grammar. Democratic party was growing at that time. despite megavendor acquisition growing pains financial. despite the queue was growing longer.
grow Wiktionary.
Cognate with Scots grow, grew to grow, North Frisian grojen, growen to grow, West Frisian groeie to grow, Dutch groeien to grow, German Low German grojen to green; thrive; take hold; flourish, Middle High German grüejen to grow, grow green, Danish gro to grow, Norwegian gro to grow, Swedish gro to germinate, grow, sprout, Icelandic gróa to grow, Latin herba plant, herb, weed, Swedish gröda crop, North Frisian greyde growth, pasture. Related to growth, grass, green. UK IPA key: //., US IPA key: /o/, o. grow third-person singular simple present grows, present participle growing, simple past grew, past participle grown.
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growing Meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
There is a growing awareness of the seriousness of this disease. A growing boy needs his food. There is a growing current of support for green issues among voters. Desperate measures are needed to deal with the growing drug problem.
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Growing definition of growing by The Free Dictionary.
While in view of their admiring comrades, the same proud front and ordered array was observed, until the notes of their fifes growing fainter in distance, the forest at length appeared to swallow up the living mass which had slowly entered its bosom.
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Grow Synonyms, Grow Antonyms
If you grow up and have muscles like them, you can call yourself a man. My land would not grow corn enough, or good enough for my necessity. What do they do but live and suck in sustenance and grow fat?
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Growing Synonyms, Growing Antonyms
Mary went with him quite unafraid, though now with a growing curiosity. Burke helped to save the situation from the growing tenseness. The peril about him was growing growing, and it was a deadly peril! Garson was growing stronger, since at last the crisis was upon him.
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Growing Wikipedia.
Growing band, a noise band based in Brooklyn, New York. Growing album, a 2007 album by the instrumental rock band Sleeping People. Growing, a children's' song sung on the television program Barney Friends. Growing, an autobiographical book by Leonard Woolf.
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Asian-Americans may vote for Democrats now, but they are a highly persuadableand growing part of the electorate. Asian-Americans Are The New Florida Tim Mak January 8, 2015. Asian-Americans are a group of persuadable swing voters, growing faster than any other group in America today.

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