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I don't' recall how many years I have been purchasing from Park Seed, but I have always been happy with the items I purchase, shipping and customer service is always top notch. I constantly recommend Park Seed to other people, especially for new and fun varieties!
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SEED has prepared me so much for this step in my life. Artiase, SEED DC 09, Ohio Wesleyan 13 Artiase is pursuing her master's' degree in counseling from Trinity Washington. Meet More SEED Graduates. SEED has graduated a total of 381 SEED graduates since its first graduating classes in Washington, D.C.
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Your gift will help save more than seeds. Gardening Seed Saving Resources. Community Seed Resources. Seed Packet Donations. Learn to Save Seeds. See our growing and seed saving tips to prepare for your gardening season. Start With a Seed. Apple Grafting School.
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Simply create a search scenario and ask your contacts to type in the keywords they would use to solve it. Create a scenario for a search query. Give the unique URL provided to your contacts. Watch your seed keyword list grow.
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Seed" was very helpful in identifying the root cause of why Los Angeles has never complied with the Clean Air Act and articulating what we can do to tackle the issue. We are incredibly grateful for their work; the project findings had a huge impact on the Sierra Club, our volunteers, and our partners."
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Scarification allows water and gases to penetrate into the seed; it includes methods to physically break the hard seed coats or soften them by chemicals, such as soaking in hot water or poking holes in the seed with a pin or rubbing them on sandpaper or cracking with a press or hammer.
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By way of a process called feminization, the grower is assured that each seed in a batch is a female with two X chromosomes. The one drawback to this sort of seed is that plants grown from feminized seed will not produce seeds of their own.
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