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Why is Seattle Called the Emerald City?
Or maybe your imagination goes toward The" Wizard of Oz, but Seattle doesn't' have a whole lot to do with Oz either although, some might argue that Bill Gates is a bit of a wizard. Seattle's' nickname is much more visual.
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Seattle nickname: A few modest proposals Crosscut.
It can be a treacherous quest to establish a new nickname for a city that is notoriously touchy about what it's' called. Several weeks ago, columnist Knute Berger flung down a gauntlet, boldly decreeing in Seattle Magazine and Crosscut: Seattle needs a new nickname.
8 Famous City Nicknames Why Is NYC Called The Big Apple? Artboard 2. Artboard 2.
With all the lush forestry, it's' no surprise Seattle garnered the nickname Emerald City, though it's' also been known as Rain" City, The" Coffee Capital of the World" as well as Jet" City." Advertisement Continue Reading Below. Advertisement Continue Reading Below.
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What is the city of Seattle's' nickname and why was it given this name? Quora.
Bear, lived in Seattle, WA 2012-2017. Answered 76w ago Author has 1.8k answers and 964.1k answer views. The nickname I hear most often is The Emerald City; its because of the evergreen trees and the fact that the grass stays green all winter.
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Seattle needs a new nickname, but please no Silicon! GeekWire.
I was always proud of Seattle that we resisted the urge to label ourselves as Silicon Sound, or some other ridiculous nickname that tied to this chemical element. See my earlier rant about a publication which oddly dubbed our community the Silicon Canal.
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The Seattle Monikers: Odds-on favorite nicknames for the NHL's' potential 32nd franchise The Hockey News.
THN says: It's' better than Sea Lions, and if the Seattle ownership group pays the NHL's' reported expansion fee of 650 million, it better work out better than it did the first time the league tried out the Seals nickname.
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List of city nicknames in Washington Wikipedia.
History" of Seattle: The Jet" City" Takes Off." Seattle's' Convention and Visitors Bureau. Archived from the original on 2006-10-02. Nard Jones remarked in his 1972 book Seattle Doubleday, ISBN 0-385-01875-4, p. 354, that the nickname was almost" abandoned now because of a homosexual twist of semantics.
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10 Possible New Nicknames For Seattle, Not That Were Saying It Needs One Or Anything Estately Blog.
10 Possible New Nicknames For Seattle, Not That Were Saying It Needs One Or Anything. Seattle awoke this morning to learn its existing nicknames of Jet City and Emerald City simply arent cutting it. Both Knute Berger of Crosscut and John Cook of GeekWire declared Seattle needs a more modern nickname better reflecting the citys true identity.
Seattle needs a new nickname Crosscut.
This nickname, which lasted from the late 19th century to the mid-20th, suggested an image more regal than the actual grit of the port city. Seattle sought to become a Pacific jewel, a competitor with San Francisco for trans-Pacific commerce, sophistication and coastal dominance.

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