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Johnny's' Selected Seeds Superior Seeds Gardening Tools. Get Your Lettuce Line-up Ready. From the convenience of whole heads to the flexibility of loose leaf, let us tick all your boxes. Sunflowers: Outshining Expectations. Summer after summer, our sunflowers deliver maximal quality yield.
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All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today. Whether you are looking for inspiration for projects, or seeking a little mental vacation in your day, welcome to Design Seeds for all who love color. Learn More About Seeds.
Grow Lovely Flowers with Our Seeds from 1.95 Sarah Raven.
If you are new to gardening then understanding the types of seeds will really help you get to grips with how and when to sow them in this article Sarah explains the difference between a perennial, annual, biennial, hardy and half-hardy seed.
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Popular Vegetable Seeds. Broad Bean Seeds. Brussels Sprout Seeds. Chilli and Pepper Seeds. French Bean Seeds. Other Vegetable Seeds. Runner Bean Seeds. When to Sow Vegetables. When to Sow Vegetables. Vegetables to Sow in January. Vegetables to Sow in February.
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Learn all about the differences between pole and bush beans, and how to plant and grow each kind. How to Direct Sow Seeds. Learn all about how to direct sow seeds, whether vegetable, flower, or herb seeds. View All Articles.
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Plants that produce smaller seeds can generate many more seeds per flower, while plants with larger seeds invest more resources into those seeds and normally produce fewer seeds. Small seeds are quicker to ripen and can be dispersed sooner, so fall blooming plants often have small seeds.
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